About Brincat Birmans

I have had a love affair with cats as long as can I remember. I was 6 years old & playing with a friend when her Father ‘Scottie’ said “Lesmar come & have a look at the kittens” It was instant love. I took home a grey female Moggie. My Parents were not impressed. I remember my Mother saying “I’ll wring that Scotties neck”. They allowed me to keep her & I had kittens to love & play with for many happy years.

I have had many cats over the years but never thought to breed them. After the tragic death of my eldest son in December 2005 I became very depressed.

One day while talking to my cousin Shirley (ex-breeder of Birmans) who said, “What you need is a baby to love!!! Buy a Birman & start breeding them, then you can have babies to love & nurture all the time”. So the love affair with Birman cats began.

My Cattery is situated in the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. I am registered as a breeder with the Qld Feline Association & the Birman Cat Fanciers Of Qld Inc.