Brincat Birmans – Kittens

To enquire about kittens that are available for sale please call me on 07 5438 7869 or contact me via email at
Please keep in mind that kittens will not be available for sale if you intend to have them outdoors. They are indoor cats only.

Kittens-Ice Magic

– This photo is of Ice Magic’s four kittens at three weeks of age. They will be ready to leave home at the end of October. Stella has three kittens due to leave home mid November. Celeste has four kittens who will also be ready to leave home mid November.

Brincat Seerya – Seal Point

Five seals in a basket

Brincat Saphira
– Chocolate Point
owned by, or should that be…..owns Amy!

Brincat Seamus
– Lilac Point laughing at my jokes!

Brincat Rhapsody in Blue
– The love of Michael’s life

Brincat Bella
– Is living in MacKay at Kaybella Cattery as a breeding girl.

Brincat Tiger Lily
– Lilac point

Brincat Cho Shwani (Sharni)
– Is enjoying being spoilt by Ellen & family in MacKay.

Brincat Bonsai
– Living with Stephanie & family & loved by his young protector

Brincat Cho Rishi
– Seal Point
– Living with Safia & family in the wilds of South Africa. Step carefully Rishi!

Our Dalmation, Jake, with
another little Birman

Kucinta Princess Peru (Mischa)
–  At 3 months.

Brincat Elvis & Makira
– Elvis’s family are totally besotted by him.