Brincat Birmans – Queens

Our girls live in our home with us, so they are well socialized and used to all the noises and goings on, in a normal home situation. Birmans have a very easy care coat. A brush twice a week is recommended & is a good bonding time between you & your Birman. Our kittens are bathed at 8 weeks & 12 weeks and around every two months as an adult, but whether you bath your baby or not is up to you. Use a low wattage (e.g 1600watts) hair dryer to dry them with, after towel drying.

Brincat Ice Magic

“Ice is a very pretty Lilac point, with lovely eye colour, an excellent Roman nose, good body length & a lovely long bushy tail. She is quite a big girl & just a little bit on the shy side. When she wants attention or a cuddle, she will head butt you & will then lay down beside you. Ice loves to have her kittens around her & is a devoted Mum. Ice did well on the show bench as a kitten, but hasn’t been shown as an adult.”

Gold DB GD CH Brincat Dream Angel (Angie)

“Angie is a Seal Tabby point future Queen, she has a lovely laid back nature, beautiful eye colour, lovely head & body type. Angie has done well on the show bench with several Best in Show, Reserve in Show & numerous other placings. Angie has also been awarded Supreme Longhair Kitten in Show & a 4th placing in the Longhair entire section at the Royal Brisbane Show (EKKA) in 2015. We are sure Angie will have some lovely babies in the near future.”

Brincat Celestial Angel (Celeste)

“Celeste is a Seal Tabby point & also a future Queen. Celeste is only 8 months old.Celeste is doing very well on the show kitten bench & has won several Best in Show, Reserve in Show & numerous other placings. Celeste will move into the entire ring up against the big guys in a months time & we expect her to do well. Celeste has a beautiful nature & likes to sleep on our bed & follow me around. Celeste is a real smoocher & a sweetie.”

GD CH Jarlilli Lady Kennaway

“Mia comes to us from Cindy & Mario in coolish Tassie. Mia is a future Queen with her first bubs coming along sometime this year. Mia is a very pretty Blue point with lovely eye colour & good head type & body type. Mia has only just started competing in shows & has several placings to her name. Mia loves to play,but when she has had enough, she will put her paw up & say ‘Enough’. She has a very sweet nature.”

Silver DB GD CH Kucinta Princess Taryn (Tassie)

Tassie is a very loving & protective Mother. Tassie loves to talk to you. She could talk underwater with a mouthful of marbles. Tassie came to us from Annette of Kucinta Birmans in Tasmania. Tassie is a gorgeous Blue point with beautiful bright blue eyes. She has a lovely nature & loves to sit with you whilst you are watching T.V or reading a book. Tassie also love to talk, whether it is telling her kittens what to do, or trying to tell you what she wants, but she does it in a quiet way.

Bronze DB GD CH Brincat Stilla ta` Sajf

“Stella has a gorgeous personality, likes to be near you, lays on the couch with you, is very affectionate and playful. She tears around the house with Tassie, cool, calm & collected. Stella has had a very successful show career as a kitten, with several best in Shows, Reserves, thirds etc. She’s just a gorgeous girl. Stella loves being a Mother, she is very attentive & loving towards her babies, so much so, that she will take a kitten from other girls & take them back to her brood. Her name means Star of Summer in Maltese. she was born on 21st January, 2012.”