What an indoor cat misses out on

Please consider these points before letting your Birman roam outside
Birmans, as with most cats, don’t tend to have any Road Sense!

*Being hit by a car.
*Animal Traps.
*Poisoning, accidental or intentional.
*Fighting with wild animals, other cats or dogs.
*Exposure to disease from other animals.
*Complaints from neighbours.
*Rain, wind & cold.
*Loneliness & fear.
*Getting caught in a car engine or neighbours garage.
*Fleas, TICKS & parasites.
*Getting collar hung on fence etc.
*Being stolen and/or being used as dog fight bait.
*Cruelty from strangers.
*Acquiring Feline Aids through cat fights.
*Knotted coat due to burrs, grass seeds etc.
*Vet bills from any of the above.
*Shorter Life span

***An indoor cat is always available when you need someone to LOVE***